The latest on Covid-19 and Iceland

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Updated July 26:

  • Iceland is at the forefront of mass vaccination in the world.
  • Over 85% of the population age 16 and above have been fully vaccinated
  • Another 5% have received their first dose

If you intend to travel with us, we will personally keep you informed.

Domestic restrictions

Earlier in the summer, all restrictions were lifted. With the influx of tourism, the rate of covid has gone up, but with the high vaccination count, serious cases have been limitied.

From the 25th of July 2021 the Icelandic government has imposed the following domestic restrictions. These will remain in force up to and including the 13th of August and will be reviewed then by the authorities.

Currently there are mild, temporary restrictions inside Icelandic borders: minor mask mandates, one meter (three ft) distancing and 200 person limit on gatherings.  

This still means that everything is functioning except very large events.

Border restrictions

Below you find listed a few simple rules that you need to follow when entering Iceland. Here you will find a more detailed list of requirements.

  • A WHO approved vaccination administered according to the recommendations of the manufacturer OR proof of prior infection of the covid -19 virus.
  • An PCR or antigen test taken 72 hours prior to boarding your plane or a proof of prior infection of the Covid-19 virus.
  • Preregistration on a website administered by the Icelandic government.  
  • Download an app on your smartphone on arrival in order to track any infections, send and receive information about tests etc.
  • Guests needing a traveler's visa to enter Iceland will need to pay special attention to that since the pandemic has stopped the issuance of visas in some countries.  For a detailed list of who needs a visa to visit Iceland click HERE.

Moving forward, and the Ad Astra Covid-19 policy

Iceland is doing well in combating the spread of Covid 19, and our current assessment is that it’s unlikely that serious restrictions will return. Some smaller changes may occur, and we make sure our clients have all current information, so there will be no surprises.

Bubble packages

We can create special secluded travel packages for those who wish, involving little or no contact with any crowds, and an absolute focus on private space. We offer private estates, private chefs, and the same pilots and drivers throughout your trip, all Covid-tested the day before your arrival to create maximum safety.  

Iceland is sparsely populated and the population has pulled together to contain the outbreak. Along with our government’s decisive actions, this has been a large factor in keeping the virus in check.

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